iPhone 安装指导

这里有两个方法使用 Windscribe在你的 iPhone (活着 iPad)

Use Our App

Manual Setup

步骤 1

Download OpenVPN Connect from the App Store

步骤 2

On your mobile device Download the config, select the location you want to use along with the Protocol and Port (use UDP & 443 if unsure).

你应该看见屏幕是这样的。点击 "Open in OpenVPN"。

步骤 3

Press the green "+" icon and you will be asked to give the app VPN permissions. Tap Allow and use your fingerprint to confirm with Touch ID if prompted.

步骤 4



切换"保存" 开关.

步骤 5

Toggle the switch below "Disconnected" to start the connection. Tap Yes to "Allow OpenVPN to enable VPN" and you're done! You should see a screen like this if it connected successfully.